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Welcome Beautiful Being

Affordable, fun, safe products for you and your family.


How We Got Here

Beautiful Beings Boutique was created by my “night shift brain” while I was working none other than the , you guessed it, NIGHT SHIFT! This is when I get my best ideas, which are formulated while I have time to think, and, I’ll be honest, while trying to stay awake. My brain NEVER stops thinking or coming up with ideas for my next venture or craft project. We all have an unforeseen desire to be much more than we are, experiment outside of our comfort zone , explore new horizons , find out who we really are and what makes us US. You get the point ! I am one of those people. I love crafting and creating, doing my part to lessen my carbon footprint, babies, animals, fun things, and helping people feel good inside and out. I believe that EVERYONE Is beautiful, and we should be celebrated for our own individuality. Which is why I have chosen the products that are featured on this site. Whether you are eco-friendly, skin savvy, a brand new mommy, or brand new to the world ( BB’s Kids) or just looking for something different (check out my handmade earrings and wine glass skins ..wink wink..!) There is something here for just about everyone. No BIG box store. Just simple and uncomplicated products made for beautiful people everywhere. I’m not fancy, just honest!! **CHECK OUT MY SITE FOR COUPON DEALS** STAY BEAUTIFUL!

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